= Post Camp Overall Camp Experience Survey
[section=Cap 1 Hậu Sa Mạc (Post Camp) Announcement and Submission – Due December 30, 2015]

= Cap 1 Post-Camp Assignment Announcement Letter (DOC)
List of songs needing to memorized.
Cap-1-Post-Camp-Verification-Form-2014-06-04 (DOC)
Submission Link for Post Camp Assignment

[section= Cap 1 Tiền Sa Mạc  Kwowledge Source and Assignment Submission – Due May 5, 2015 ]

= Cap 1 pre-camp assignment announcement.
– See who’s in  your group.

Sample Sa Mac Cap 1 Passport Template

= Standardized Basic HT and Catechism Knowledge Entry Test
– Before you start, make sure you have 30 minutes to take the test. You only have 1 chance to take it so use it wisely
–  Lesson plan template file , use it to create your lesson plan and upload it in the Tien Sa Mac submission Form.


[section=Camp Announcement Info.]
= May 2015 ThongBaoRD36

= PhanGioiThieuRD36 – for Doan Truong and Cha Tuyen Uy to sign and email to: btv-mdn@googlegroups.com- Deadline April 5, 2015.

Location: Our Lady of VietNam Church – 123 NW 6th Ave, Hallandale, FL 33009

Date: từ 8 giờ sáng Thứ 6, 5/15/2015 đến 2:00 giờ chiều Chúa Nhật, 5/17/2015.
Fee (online payment only): $80 Cấp 1 CRạng Đông 36
Maximum Capacity:
  – Cấp 1: 60 registration slots available for each cấp, but 50 candidates will be accepted based on Tiền Sa Mạc.
Thời hạn (Deadline): April 5, 2015 or when maximum capacity is reached.
Ðiều kiện tham dự:
– Cấp 1: Đủ 18 tuổi (by 5/15/2015); hiện đang còn sinh hoạt tại đơn vị địa phương, có giấy giới thiệu của Ban Chấp Hành và sự chấp thuận của Tuyên Uý liên hệ.

mdn flyer

Online Registration:
– Cap 1 Registration: Closed and LIVE REGISTRATION List

– Helper Registration: Closed: Deadline: March 17, 2015 or  maximum capacity is reached- 15 HT Helpers (Cap 2 + preferred)

Camp Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs